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Due the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and the closure of churches and other places of worship that was enforced for a major part of the year. Upon the proposed reopening, the government proposed regulations were to only allow for a percentage of each church's seating capacity to attend in person worship services. This was capped at ⅓ of the seating capacity, with a host of information to be collected from members to facilitate contact tracing. This included bio data, body temperature among others for all attending members.

This posed a challenge where it would be impossible for churches to coordinate who to attend and who not. Given the importance of religious worship to Kenyans, and our programming ability, we developed a USSD, web and Smartphone based church booking platform that allowed church members to book for the limited available seats at their places of worship, which are labeled and for churches and places of worship to access the booking manifests and coordinate member seating and attendance in a seamless manner.

It was quickly taken up and since inception, we have served 132 churches on a subscription basis where each church pays an onboarding fee starting from $150 and a monthly fee starting from $50 based on our terms and conditions. We have historically reached over 150,000 registered church attendees processing over 70,000 weekly bookings.

Based on the success of the booking platform, we incorporated Jumuisha Limited in Kenya as a fintech company and developed a collections and payments platform allowing these members to make payments via the mobile and web based channels to churches for their donations and for churches to access and view real-time transaction data and reports for inbound donations while allowing for outbound payments to suppliers and other parties. This service has been extended to NGO’s to facilitate cashless inbound and outbound transactions.


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