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Jumuisha Church Manangement System helps you engage and grow your community, streamline administrative tasks, and equip your team to steward the resources God has entrusted you with

Jumuisha Church Management System

Reasons why you'll love Jumuisha Church Management System.


Create and manage sermon notes and video content.

Jumuisha video content features:

  • Dynamically embed YouTube and Vimeo videos of sermons
  • Integrate popular photo sharing services
  • Pull photos and videos into Jumuisha churc app
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Jumuisha ChMS is an all-in-one, easy-to-use solution

Get all of our existing and future features out of the box. No need to pay more for additional features or more users.

Simple and cost effective prices

We only charge for active adults. That’s it. No setup or termination fees, and no lock-in contracts.

World-Class customer support

When you sign up for a great product, you expect to get great customer service. This is why we have dedicated Customer Experience Specialists to serve you

Better Privacy Protection

Privacy and security of data is vital, especially when it comes to storing personal data.

We support small, medium and large churches

Jumuisha ChMS grows with your church at no additional cost. It includes powerful customization to allow any church of any size to use effectively. We are constantly making improvements and adding features to help make your church life better

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Create and manage verse of the day.

Jumuisha allows you to switch between the NIV and KJV versions. You can swipe through verses, set reminders, and share inspiring daily verses with church members.

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Create and manage custom programs.

Jumuisha aims to help small to medium-sized churches and ministries with file storage, page editing, search engine optimization, and community outreach. Key features of the platform include calendar management, newsletter creation, and digital signage.

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Approve prayer requests for announcements.

Jumuisha allows you to create a prayer group, all for free! You’ll be able to invite people to join, approve requests, and email prayer requests to your members directly, depending on when and how frequently you want to send it to them.

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Manage Church bulletin and announcements.

Make sure your community never misses a beat! Publish a digital bulletin to keep people informed and allow people to browse the calendar for activities and events.


Jumuisha enables Church Members to:

View, share and read sermon videos and sermon notes.

Provide full sermons, podcasts, and other media archives so memebers can review and make it easy for them to share a message that moves them via email, text message, or social media.

Submit prayer requests for announcements.

Give members, friends, family, visitors and your community the ability to read the bible and submit prayers directly in the church app so that your church can encourage one another

Make requisitions for church resources.

With Jumuisha individuals can fill out their contact information and questions to inquire about particular church resources.

Read and share verse of the day.

Jumuisha gives an option to members to receive Verse of the Day notifications by signing up through the website and setting reminders.

View custom programs

Jumuisha helps to categorize your contributions much easier. You do not have to give your members mulitple bank accounts to separate tithe or offering. At the point of giving we immediately categorize for you.

View church bulletins and announcements.

Make it easy for members to find ways to engage. In addition to viewing, users can share events and bulletins, add them to personal calendars, register, and more.

Jumuisha Church Management System

Jumuisha ChMs comes with the features you need to successfully manage, grow, communicate with, and lead your church

  • People and member management

    Manage membership, communicate with your congregation, follow up with first-time guests, and much more.

  • Automated workflow

    Create and leverage flows to ensure important tasks are completed so nothing and no one falls through the cracks.

  • Group management

    Jumuisha ChMS makes it easy for you and your leaders to manage, coordinate, communicate with, and care for your small groups.

  • Integrated digital giving

    Mobile, text, and online giving tools come out-of-the box and enable your members to give seamlessly from anywhere.

  • Service planning

    Coordinate your Sunday team, plan your worship service, arrange your set list, and create plan sheets to guide your worship service experience.

  • Financials

    Track online giving, along with cash and check gifts, generate giving reports, and easily send year-end giving statements.

  • Reporting and insights

    Get access to reporting tools that empower you to be proactive instead of reactive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the ways people can give?

    Cash & Check – Chances are, a good chunk of your donations still come in via cash and check from passing the plate at church. With Jumuisha church giving, you can easily record all offline giving along side the other forms of giving so you have a complete view in one system!

  • Does Jumuisha work outside the Kenya?

    Yes! Jumuisha supports churches around East Africa as well as the rest of Africa and the rest of the world.

  • Does Jumuisha work with my general ledger?

    Yes. All the reports can be exported.

  • How do I get members using Jumuisha?

    So you’ve just started using Jumuisha at your church and need help educating your congregation about the new ways to give? First, we’re here to help! You will receive a full launch resource kit packed with slides, videos, and more. You’ll also have one-on-one time with our custom happiness team. For quick ideas on the best ways to roll out Jumuisha read this launch plan. Some other ideas include: – Send and email. – Put a note in your weekly bulletin. – Create a page on your website. – Send a personal letter to your biggest givers. The better your members are educated to use Jumuisha the more opportunity you have to increase giving. Churches that fully implement and effectively roll out Jumuisha typically see a 10% – 20% increase in giving, but we’ve seen over 50% as well.

  • Can we track giving across church campuses?

    Yes. With Jumuisha you can easily track giving for multiple campuses within a single account. Jumuisha will also support multi-campus setup in popular ChMS platforms

  • Is Jumuisha better than PayPal?

    PayPal is fantastic, but not built to meet the specific needs of the Church. With Jumuisha you get a mobile app, text giving, USSD giving, online giving, and administrative tools. Plus, all the data syncs directly with your church management platform. All things that you don’t get with PayPal. Plus, Jumuisha provides a much better giver experience!

  • Is Jumuisha better than Pushpay?

    Jumuisha has been built by ministry minded individuals and pastors to meet the specific needs of the Church. Jumuisha gives you 5 ways to give in one solution – a native mobile app, true in text giving, USSD giving, Online giving, and administrative giving