Unleash generosity.

Giving to your church should be meaningful, simple and fast. That’s why Jumuisha built a complete set of digital giving tools for your church.


Increase in Contributions

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Save time with accurate books

Giving Tithe/Offering with Jumuisha

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Jumuisha Giving

Reasons why you'll love Jumuisha Giving

Mobile first

We built jumuisha to be mobile first to take advantage of the tool we have with us most times. Your members will enjoy the simplicity and elegance..

Multiple way to give

Jumuisha offers members up to 4 different ways of giving. From USSD, text-to-give, app to web portal all different type of channels are covered. This ensures no one feel left out even those without smartphones.

Don't look like a 'shop'

Churches have various modes of giving and displaying paybills and till numbers give the impression of a shop. With Jumuisha members do not have to wait for announcements or displays of paybill numbers. At any time they can give and save you the blushes of appearing like a shop.

No more long paybills

Jumuisha save your members the need to remember any paybill or till numbers. Whenever they feel the need to give, they give into your account without keyeing any account number

Simpler Categorization

Jumuisha helps to categorize your contributions much easier. You do not have to give your members mulitple bank accounts to separate tithe or offering. At the point of giving we immediately categorize for you.

Automated Reports & Analytics

Get real time and instant reports with smart analytics to ensure you are making informed decisions. Your financial monthly, quarterly and annual reports is made easier with Jumuisha

Various Ways to give with Jumuisha

Several ways to give with Jumuisha

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App Giving

The elegance of app giving is in its simplicity. With a tap of a button members can give in seconds to your account. They can also schedule automated recurring contributions and view giving history. If you have an existing app you can embed Jumuisha's giving form or take advantage of our API.

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Powerful Admin tools

Ways to give are packed into one easy-to-use and highly secure platform that has been tailor-made for churches and ministries.

Customized Appreciation Message

A gift feels well received when appreciation swiftly follows. Using our tools you can customize appreciation messages that will be immediately sent upon the donation reaching your account.

Smart, Intuitive Dashboard

See trends of contributions in your church and plan accordingly with our smart tools. We help you anticipate pledges, analyze predictive metrics and make informed decisions.

Offline Giving

Passing the plate to collect cash and cheque gifts is still the most common way of giving to the local church. Leverage Jumuisha cash and cheque gift entry tools so you can track your online and offline giving in one consolidated system.

Real Time Reports

Jumuisha makes it simple for you to produce giving summary reports that can be easily shared. Giving summary reports are great for tracking giving against weekly budget or any other fundraising effort. Export and print reports in PDF and excel.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the ways people can give?

    Cash & Check – Chances are, a good chunk of your donations still come in via cash and check from passing the plate at church. With Jumuisha church giving, you can easily record all offline giving along side the other forms of giving so you have a complete view in one system!

  • Does Jumuisha work outside the Kenya?

    Yes! Jumuisha supports churches around East Africa as well as the rest of Africa and the rest of the world.

  • Does Jumuisha work with my general ledger?

    Yes, all the reports can be exported.

  • How do I get members using Jumuisha?

    So you’ve just started using Jumuisha at your church and need help educating your congregation about the new ways to give? First, we’re here to help! You will receive a full launch resource kit packed with slides, videos, and more. You’ll also have one-on-one time with our custom happiness team. For quick ideas on the best ways to roll out Jumuisha read this launch plan. Some other ideas include: – Send and email. – Put a note in your weekly bulletin. – Create a page on your website. – Send a personal letter to your biggest givers. The better your members are educated to use Jumuisha the more opportunity you have to increase giving. Churches that fully implement and effectively roll out Jumuisha typically see a 10% – 20% increase in giving, but we’ve seen over 50% as well.

  • Can we track giving across church assemblies?

    Yes. With Jumuisha you can easily track giving for multiple assemblies within a single account. Jumuisha will also support multi-campus setup in popular ChMS platforms

  • Is Jumuisha better than PayPal?

    PayPal is fantastic, but not built to meet the specific needs of the Church. With Jumuisha you get a mobile app, text giving, USSD giving, online giving, and administrative tools. Plus, all the data syncs directly with your church management platform. All things that you don’t get with PayPal. Plus, Jumuisha provides a much better giver experience!

  • Is Jumuisha better than Pushpay?

    Jumuisha has been built by ministry minded individuals and pastors to meet the specific needs of the Church. Jumuisha gives you 5 ways to give in one solution – a native mobile app, true in text giving, USSD giving, Online giving, and administrative giving