Jumuisha Shopping®

Introducing Jumuisha Shopping® - your affordable source for household essentials using gift vouchers. With a focus on alleviating economic strain, we offer unbeatable prices on key items like sugar, rice, and edible oils to support your community's quality of life.

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Mediums To Access Jumuisha

Jumuisha App

Jumuisha is accessible through the Jumuisha App which can be found on Google Play Store for android users and Apple App Store for Apple users

Jumuisha Web

Jumuisha can be accessed via the web for desktop , laptop and tablet users at web.jumuisha.com


For none smart phone users you can access Jumuisha through our USSD *483*023#

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Why Us?

"Affordable Living Made Easy: Jumuisha Shopping® - Your Gateway to Quality Household Goods!"

We believe that every household should have access to basic necessities without financial strain. With Jumuisha Shopping®, you can be confident that you're getting the best deals on essential household goods.

Building Stronger Communities, One Purchase at a Time: Jumuisha Shopping® - Your Partner in Progress
Social Connections

Gift vouchers can serve as a means to strengthen social connections within the community. Your members can share the benefits of Jumuisha's affordable prices with others, fostering a sense of solidarity and mutual support.

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Building Stronger Communities, One Purchase at a Time: Jumuisha Shopping® - Your Partner in Progress
Personalized Gifts

Gift vouchers provide an opportunity for your church members to give personalized gifts tailored to the preferences and needs of the recipients. This personal touch enhances the gift-giving experience and allows individuals to choose items that best suit their requirements

Community, Convenience, and Cost Savings: Jumuisha Shopping® - Elevate Your Lifestyle Today
Special Occasions and celebrations

Your church members can use the gift vouchers for special occasions and celebrations, such as birthdays, holidays, or anniversaries. This arrangement enables their to share the savings and affordable prices with their loved ones during festive periods.

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